The Face Becomes Brave


The Face of Bravery journey began in January, 2018, when Lucille was diagnosed with a rare and disfiguring tumor that has changed her face. We did not know, then, how far the journey would take us or how brave the face would become.

We are battling the tumor together, as a family. We invite other brave faces to join us on this journey.  Leave us comments, send us an email, tell us your stories, too. E0A560A6-1ACE-47FF-9026-CA432834AC0D



10 thoughts on “The Face Becomes Brave

  1. The hardest lessons are the ones we always learn the most from. Because of this she will be stronger, more compassionate, more empathetic, more confident and more loving and accepting of others. God is good!

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  2. Things we know and love about Lucille…..she is the bravest, most amazing girl we know, she loves to play “school” (but doesn’t actually love going to school 😉), she’s an amazing dancer, she loves makeup (especially lip gloss!), she’s funny, an amazing friend, she has a LOT of nail polish, she sometimes has the “Spanish flu”, she is blessed with a loving family and the greatest supporter in her mom and the love and admiration of her friend Molly.


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